Grab some goodies while your here... The coffee's hot!

Grab some goodies while your here... The coffee's hot!
Grab some goodies while your here... The coffee's hot!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

DIY PhotoWall Project!

So my photowall project is officially underway! Check out these shots I have for my inspiration….. I am soooo in LOVE with this idea. I can't wait to get started!!!


Here is a copy of my current DIY checklist of supplies:

 Two huge pieces of plywood
 2x4’s for the A-frame stand
 Really amazing old fashioned wall paper
 Cheep/cool thrift store frames that I can strip down, spray paint and attach
 Glue… Lots and lots of glue
 Thrift store antiquie looking pictures (Or maybe print some awesome ones out from the internet and just buy the frames at thrift stores.)
 Spray paint

So…I’m sure I will need a lot more then this, but it is my starting point!! I am off Home Depot to buy the wood today!! I am so excited. I’ll let you know my progress……. Wish me luck!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Is there such a thing as a Blog-a-holic?

Is there?? I really need to know....
It feels like I have been in blog world for about a week now (as I've been building mine and my husbands blogs....) Trying to get them just right. To then mess them up and have to try and fix them. To over fix them to the point that they look like total crap....and back again to where I was when I started.....3 hour before.
As this ever happened to anyone else?

So....I have only popped my head up for more coffee and to run down the hall the the bathroom, but then I am right back in blogland again. I dream in blog......Wow, I need to just Step Away.

Soooooo....... For now.
My blog is as good as it's going to get. My hubby's blog, is as good as it is going to get. Because if I don't move away from my computer today, I think I might suffer some long term effects.

And to those who might not like how it's coming along.....
(At least I got my hair under control during that last run down the hall to the bathroom, right....?)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My very first post.... Now I don't know what to say!

How about I start with a "Hello!!!.....Welcome! I am so glad you stopped by.
And well....I created this blog because I was jealous. That's right, jealous. : 0)

You see.... I had just created my very first blog ever, my Business Blog, and I really love how it turned out!! Butttt..... Since it was my very first ever experience with blogging, I had to reach out to some other blog sites (aka Amazingly Talented Groups of Women) for inspiration and such. And well.... I started getting jealous that they could just pop on their great blogs any ol' time and just post away about anything their heart desired! My Business Blog I suppose needs to stay professional for my clients, therefore I wasn't able to just.... Post about things. For instance, this reall cool chair I got at a thrift store...........  : )
I got this beauty for $15 Bucks. I love thirft stores.

So Yeah....I am so excited! Both for my chair and for my new blog!! Please feel free to comment! I would love to create a really great group of "Coffee Drinkers and Discussers of All Topics "In Between". (But you don't really have to like coffee...Tea is perfectly acceptable ; )