Grab some goodies while your here... The coffee's hot!

Grab some goodies while your here... The coffee's hot!
Grab some goodies while your here... The coffee's hot!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

DIY PhotoWall Project!

So my photowall project is officially underway! Check out these shots I have for my inspiration….. I am soooo in LOVE with this idea. I can't wait to get started!!!


Here is a copy of my current DIY checklist of supplies:

 Two huge pieces of plywood
 2x4’s for the A-frame stand
 Really amazing old fashioned wall paper
 Cheep/cool thrift store frames that I can strip down, spray paint and attach
 Glue… Lots and lots of glue
 Thrift store antiquie looking pictures (Or maybe print some awesome ones out from the internet and just buy the frames at thrift stores.)
 Spray paint

So…I’m sure I will need a lot more then this, but it is my starting point!! I am off Home Depot to buy the wood today!! I am so excited. I’ll let you know my progress……. Wish me luck!


  1. Hi FutureMrsT! I only have the plywood so far. Lol Great start hu? But I can't wait to do this. I do have some frames saved up though! I'll post progress pictures as it comes along. Thank you for the comment... : )

  2. Those photobooths are always so amazing! I'm not planning on having one at our wedding, but if we did, that's what I'd want!

  3. Hi Shoshanah! Aren't they amazing... It has proven a bit more work then I had thought, as with most DIY projects. Lol Now I need to figure out a way to have it in two or more pieces, that can easily assemble/disassemble! It has been a challenge and something I didn't think about when I started. lol Thanks for the comment!! I am just hoping my clients will love the idea as much as we do. :)