Grab some goodies while your here... The coffee's hot!

Grab some goodies while your here... The coffee's hot!
Grab some goodies while your here... The coffee's hot!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Need Your Input! ... Help!! : )

Hello there!
So, it is Sunday morning...and I am about to get going on my photo wall project for the first time this weekend. Very exciting!! I had wanted to dedicate the whole weekend to it....but, yeah. I have kids. ; )

Here is where I need some input:
I am going to go look at the wallpaper ideas later....and it is a HUGE commitment! Because in order to change it out I will have to remove all of the frames. Good thing I thought about that now and NOT when I have already glued them up! HA! I can see me using a whole bottle of wood glue on one frame...just to be sure, only to realize that I have to get them off later for a new theme! ; )

Here are my thoughts on what I want..... Any suggestions??? I am torn.

#1 Something simular to this... With only black and white? It seems to be the safest bet, but I really wanted it to be fun too. Hmmm

I LOVE this one...

Or #2 here.... would look so cool with the frames and antique pictures on it... But I am not sure if I should commit to such bold colors? It might clash with the colors of the first wedding that wants to use it?
Or lastly I've thought of something like this... #3
Which is truly very antique-e... Lol Very vintage. But again, I am afraid of possible color clashing?
So please let me know what you guys think!! I think I have been thinking about it too much. :0)

Oh! And I've (Well, my hubby mostly and I) have gotten the frame almost done! So that it will stand up on it's own... I am soo excited. I will have to post some progress pics soon.... Just promise NOT to look at the dirty yard behind the project, kay? ;)

Here is a picture of the original idea... Just incase you needed to know what the heck I was talking about. :)
Thank you for your input and I hope you all are having an awesome Sunday... :o) 


  1. I ADORE the one that you love. That with different color frames over it would be amazing!

  2. Definitely stick with black and white - it'll be better because you CAN funk it up with colourful frames, but also you don't have to worry about potentially clashing the colours with someones dress?

    I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who would think of that haha.

  3. Thank you both sooooo much for responding. I am all decided now. :) You guys (we) were right I think, in sticking with the black and white, and then "funking" it up! But..... I didn't find anything yesterday that I loved. I think I really have my heart set on that one pic above (that Manda and I adore :) But I can't find anything even close. : ( I think I might have to resort to on-line ordering. I'm going out again in search today so Wish me luck and I will let you know what I find!! Thank you two again...

  4. I'm new here but just came across your site and can't wait to see how your project comes along! I absolutely love seeing unique photography and although I've never seen this idea before, it really sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun ;x

  5. Hi Dark Fairy! So glad you found me... It REALLY is going to be so amazing. Lol I will be posting some progress pics soon. It is coming right along. The only thing that is DRIVING ME NUTZ is that I can't find an awesome frame like in my inspiration pic. I have cool ones, but not really ornimental like that one. :o( I just need to keep looking!! Let me know if you see any. ;o)
    Thanks for the comment!

  6. Wow. This is going to be awesome! I agree with you about the black and white. I'll keep my eye out online shopping. I'm currently in the market for fabric, so I'll see if I spot anything similar.