Grab some goodies while your here... The coffee's hot!

Grab some goodies while your here... The coffee's hot!
Grab some goodies while your here... The coffee's hot!

Monday, October 24, 2011

So many cute things on!!

So I found a really cute site this morning....!!

Not Etsy. (But mostly ALL of the items that people posted there that I had thought were amazing came from Etsy. :) The site I found today is called Must Have Cute, and it is strictly for the "Too Cute" items. I had soooo much fun just looking threw all of the pictures of what people thought were cute. Some I totally agreed with..... Like these!!!!

cute kawaii stuff - Epicute: DIY Rock Candy
Remember making rock candy as a kid? It was like magic! Making candy from nothing but sugar and water! Of course we did it on strings and never had any flavors or colors. This is some fancy craft time right here. I think I need to get back to doing simple crafts like this, so fun!

And these....Penguin Paper Clips!!! Totally unnecessary I know, but still....
cute kawaii stuff - Penguin Paper Clips

And I would almost agree to another hamster in our home with one if these!..... Almost ;)
cute kawaii stuff - Hamster Racer Set

And I saved the one I loved the best for last! I LOVE this pillow/chair so much....and wanted to get it for my daughter for Christmas, but they want $750 bucks for one!? Good luck with that peps.......
Too bad though. I think she would have loved it.
cute kawaii stuff - Nap on a Short Stack 

Okay.... Now for some of the ones....that were NOT so much my taste. Lol Not to judge anyone here.... Just not my cups of tea. :)

But come on...... On what occasion would you wear this exactly?
cute kawaii stuff - Sweet  Head

They called this guy the "Little Wounded WamPAL"..... Ooooookay
cute kawaii stuff - Little Wounded WamPAL

And last but not least on my AllllllllllRighty Then List:
(I really have no words for this one.....)
cute kawaii stuff - Monster Hunter Pig

The site I got all of these images from is . :)
Highly recommended if your ever bored and want to look at some really random images...(like I do) They have a TON of sites connected to one another that all have some pretty strange and funny images on them. I had a blast. :)   ******Except for the cat site. That was just a bit strange to me. lol Just my opinion. More of a dog kinda gal.***

Hope you all have a wonderful and completely random day. :) If you've read this, then I'm sure I've helped with that....


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    I love the rock candy idea... and I really want those penguin shaped paper clips. :) This is awesome and now I must check out that website!

    Have a good day!

    <3 Jenn

  2. Hello! And thank you back... :) I really want those paper clips too, but can't think of any good excuse for spending $20 on penguin paper clips. Now..... If I still worked in an office, maybe.

    Hope you have a good day too!! Although I think your days are our nights.... lol Either way, thanks again for stopping by and hope your day/night is a great one. :)